Neurological manifestations of primary Sjögren’s syndrome
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Reumatologia 2018;56(2):99-105
Primary Sjögren’s syndrome (pSS) is an autoimmune connective tissue disease affecting the exocrine glands, leading to damage of their structure and impairment of their function. In the course of pSS the internal organs may be involved and the symptoms may concern any system. Neurological disorders are one of the most common extraglandular manifestations of pSS. Available literature data estimate the prevalence of neurological symptoms as about 8.5–70% of patients diagnosed with pSS. The most common neurological complication of pSS is peripheral neuropathy, and in particular sensory polyneuropathy. Central nervous system involvement is much less common. There are also reports of various symptoms connected with damage to cranial nerves and the autonomic nervous system. A careful neurological evaluation, combined with neurophysiological tests, is recommended in patients with pSS. This review summarizes the neurological manifestations of pSS, their possible pathogenic mechanisms, diagnostic evaluation and potential treatment.
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