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Data publikacji: 30-07-2015
Reumatologia 2015;53(3):139-142
Objective: To assess the prevalence of pain in the musculoskeletal system and possible reasons for these complaints among early age children from Warsaw schools.
Material and methods: The study was conducted in 34 randomly selected primary schools in Warsaw in 2011. 2748 survey-questionnaires were given to parents or legal guardians by children. Of these, 1509 surveys were subject to a final analysis. The survey included 66 questions regarding, among other things, pain in the musculoskeletal system in children. Additionally, there were questions about possibly occurring diseases, any postural defects, significant obesity, as well as effects of these complaints on the child’s physical activity. Survey data regarded 6–7-year-old children.
Results: In the group of 1509 respondents, 242 children (16%) complained about pain in the musculoskeletal system. Pain was located most frequently in the knee joints, and more rarely in the spine and joints in the upper extremities. In the group of children who complained about pain, moderate physical activity was statistically significantly limited. According to parents, physicians did not diagnose any medical conditions in 106 children. Joint disease was diagnosed in 33 children. Postural defects were diagnosed in 589 children. In 123 children complaining about pain at least one postural defect was diagnosed. Such defects were diagnosed statistically significantly more rarely (p = 0.011) in 1234 children who did not complain about pain (460 children). Platypodia or other foot deformation was observed in 25% of these children, spinal curvature in 12%, abnormal knee joint position in 11% and uneven hip position in 2% children. Of note, 17% of all children were significantly overweight. In overweight children the prevalence of pain, especially in the knee joints and feet, was significantly higher.
Conclusions: This study aims to underline the problem of musculoskeletal pain in early-age children which limits their physical activity. Also the authors draw attention to the issue of postural defects in a large group of school children. This issue undoubtedly requires more attention and a plan how to create more effective methods of prevention.
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