Septyczne zapalenie stawów krzyżowo-biodrowych
Data nadesłania: 28-11-2017
Data ostatniej rewizji: 13-12-2017
Data akceptacji: 02-02-2018
Data publikacji online: 28-02-2018
Data publikacji: 28-02-2018
Reumatologia 2018;56(1):55-58
Septic arthritis is an inflammation of a joint caused directly by various microorganisms. It is often characterized by many unspecific symptoms. Bacteria is the most often etiological factor.
We present a case report of a 76-years old woman with a unilateral septic arthritis of the sacroiliac joint. Bacterial sacroiliitis should be taken into account in patients with sacroiliitis and fever onset.
Proper diagnosis can be very often difficult and delayed but fast implementation of antibiotic therapy is extremely important in the treatment process. Diagnostic imaging is crucial to the diagnosis and monitoring of septic arthritis. Magnetic resonance imaging is the most relevant tool for the detection of sacroiliitis, allowing the institution of therapeutic strategies to impede the progression of the disease.
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